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Thread: [Confirmed] Multiple casts of Mystic Snake don't work

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    [Confirmed] Multiple casts of Mystic Snake don't work

    When casting Mystic Snake multiple times, only the first casted one will do all bounces, other casts don't bounce at all.

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    The actual behavior is: a unit selected as a bounce target by any currently traveling snake is counted by all snakes as bounced on. Max number of bounces is reset on every snake cast, as is the snake damage (no matter what snake hits a target, both snakes will have their damage increased and their remaining bounces reduced). Bounce targets are reset every time a snake has returned. Repro by creating a circle of 10 or so targets, and a separate target next to Medusa. Cast a snake towards the circle, and vary the cast time on the target next to medusa. Studying the damage dealt to units in the circle, what units are selected as bounce targets, as well as when the circle snake returns, confirms this behavior.
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