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Thread: HUD mock up - Removed wasted space + optimized for widescreen

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    I like last picture of original post. Only switch map and inventory position to suit the current one.

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    very nice suggestion love your HUD +1 on this

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    I myself was thinking on starting one such threads and then stumbled upon yours.

    Great job man!

    Respected Devs! Please let us have the ability to customize the Hero HUD so that we can have more screen space. With the current HUD layout on D2 Reborn, there's a lot of clutter that needs attending to.

    We all know that you guys are putting in much effort to make the game more stable and the gameplay more balanced, but this can also be done simultaneously.

    Please consider making the HUD customizable.

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    Hello Devs.

    Can we please get a cleaner Hero HUD??

    The game will look much more beautiful, more cursor space to be used minimalistic huds are the way to go...


    Atleast give players the liberty of customizing their hud elements.
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    HUD sucks. It is from 20 years ago. change it

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