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Thread: Abandons in Matchmaking Games

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    Abandons in Matchmaking Games

    In a match with abandons, is there a way to tell if "stats were recorded" by Valve? From what I've read, matches count towards statistics if there are no abandons by the 5 minute mark. If somebody abandons after the 5 minute mark, you still lose MMR, get a loss, etc. From what I can see in the matchDetails JSON, we don't have enough information to deduce this. We can check a player's leaver_status and see if they abandoned or not, but we don't know *when* it happened.

    Somehow, DotaBuff knows however. Take these two matches:

    Match with abandon that didn't count:

    Match with abandon that DID count:

    My guess is because they are parsing every replay and then they can get the time when abandons happen. Does anybody know if that's the case? Or am I missing something?


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    What Dotabuff is doing there is making knowledgeable estimates.

    The thing about the first match is that the abandoned player didn't even pick a hero. So there is no way that that match counted at all.

    Otherwise you can guess that it doesn't count if the match doesn't go long enough etc. No other way AFAIK.

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