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Thread: Suggestion: Expose something to change AbilityLayout

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    Suggestion: Expose something to change AbilityLayout

    I think we'll greatly benefit from a function to dynamically set the AbilityLayout of units/heroes. At the moment it's not possible to add abilities to an "AbilityLayout" "4" unit without them looking weird in the HUD, forcing us to use AbilityLayout 5 or 6 from the beginning and leaving a badly looking empty space for many levels. This is important for game modes in which you don't start with all your spells available at lvl 1 but learn them later, like most RPGs.

    Thank you

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    Yeppers, wanted this from the days of d2ware. Just hope it overrides the heroes who change from 4 to 5 slots. (treant protector and ogimage to name two)

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    I wish the entire datadriven key-value system would be exposed to Lua. The fact that I can't read what "AbilityUnitTargetTeam" is set to, for example, is creating problems for me.

    Also, I've had to do a somewhat annoying workaround for heroes in which an Aghanim's Scepter upgrades certain keys (like "AbilityCastRange"); so far, I've been swapping the ability with an upgraded ability when a scepter is picked up. This wouldn't be bad on its own, but it causes headaches when it comes to Rubick's spell steal. Being able to simply alter the key's value when a scepter is picked up would be preferable.

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