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Thread: Battle Point Booster

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    Angry Battle Point Booster

    I read that battlepoint boosters are expired and replaced with redemption tokens ,
    But after I did trade with a guy for battle point booster and launched my game neither I
    got battle point booster nor the redemption token . In my inventory history it do says that
    I got battle point booster.

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    Only Dota 2 store bought battle point boosters get the tokens. Battle point boosters which came from events or tournament tickets will not be replaced.

    The guy you bought from was false advertising and successfully scammed you. He knew his battle point booster was worthless.
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    Same here, but I've bought my boosters from the Market, so I've basically paid money to Valve, and didn't receive anything as well.

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    It's basically valve logic
    They doesnt care much

    I got fxxked up

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