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Thread: South Asia Server (Pakistan, India, Sri lanka and others)

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    In fact it does, when the Malaysian server is not messing around its ping is about ~120'ish & I feel the delay has reduced, game feels more responsive. What we need is either the route be fixed to Singapore (SG servers are stable) or addition of Middle East servers.
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    My output of tracing singapore server from India,
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
     1 (  2.624 ms  1.395 ms  1.439 ms
     2 (  2.347 ms  2.481 ms  2.166 ms
     3 (  27.141 ms  28.402 ms  27.356 ms
     4 (  24.577 ms  24.867 ms  24.606 ms
     5 (  24.810 ms  24.945 ms  25.697 ms
     6 (  30.881 ms  31.158 ms  31.402 ms
     7 (  65.550 ms  65.542 ms  65.291 ms
     8 (  65.339 ms  74.898 ms  65.509 ms
     9 (  217.106 ms  131.685 ms  119.652 ms
    10 (  335.439 ms  307.113 ms  266.517 ms
    11 (  274.579 ms  374.598 ms  289.974 ms
    12 (  324.255 ms  302.821 ms  267.382 ms
    13  * * *
    14  * * *
    So, it looks the packets go to starhub's US servers first and then it goes to Singapore. It is weird packet routing. But perhaps explains well, why ping is most of the time same to US and Singapore from India. Can valve do anything for this?

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    Pretty sure valve can't do anything, which was my point. This route optimization is done by ISPs (i beleive) and valve as such cannot do anything.

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    bump! i have encountered same issue.

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    Awight! But Neither does ISP monitors it by its own(Customer having the servers have to request them). The valve Can't exactly do by itself but can definitely ask its Internet Service Provider to Reroute as they would be a big Corporate Customer for them. So we still demand the Valve people to consider taking some practical steps on it.

    India & Pakistan are both linked to the world via Singapore (Mainly). So any that has to go out ...has to go through it Cuz they are what you call tier 1 ISPs.

    @Valve & ALL
    So in generaly this process is started when the corporate customer demands for it. And It goes from the Users(GAMER) Side to the Server(VALVE) Side. Each Router/hop is statically told to route and not but automatic route exports by EBGP. This adds processing to the routers over the world. And thus charged a bit from the requester! But that shouldn't be and issue with Valve being a responsible Business oriented Company!
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    bumping for justice.
    Hurrr Durrr, Herp Derp

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    bumping in hope for lower pings

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    Unhappy BUMPS

    Come on Valve! We cant play this way ! infact yesterday I joined a game and it got DC and when ever i tried to rejoin it said server not available that added +1 Abandonned game and lower pool restriction!

    Works at Pakistan Telecommunication Corporate Ltd. as an IP Network CORE Engineer.

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    Same issue here from Mauritius

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