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Thread: South Asia Server (Pakistan, India, Sri lanka and others)

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    @Pakistan PTCL USERS

    PTCL and valve have both turned up routing to SEA and all PTCL users should from now on be getting 80ms - 150ms ping to SEA servers. 80-90ms is for those who are from Karachi and have minimum local delay and it goes upto 140-150ms because the local delay is high, nothing can be done about that.

    p.s This change affects NayaTel users as well, if any NayaTel user isn't getting sub 150ms ping, please PM me.
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    Hey i have nayatel and i recently asked the nayatel people to fix the ping to Sea ip[] which they did but i still have bad ping on Sea servers( over 300ms) but when i tracert this ip, i get good ping around 120ms.
    Now i read somewhere on these forums that you should check your ip when the game starts through the console command and it seem that the ip changes from game to game. For every ip adress, the ping can vary and i honestly dont have a good understanding of how these things work really.
    So my question is how do i ask the nayatel team to fix this ping issue? They said to send them the ip of the serve that gives high pings but the ip keeps on changing.
    I am really confused. :/
    a little help would really be apreciated
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    Im from Iran and bad ping on near servers ( over 280) .... Valve Please New server

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    Quote Originally Posted by A_W_Z_2 View Post
    Im from Iran and bad ping on near servers ( over 280) .... Valve Please New server
    post a trace to EU W : ,

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    Hi, I'm interested in setting up a South Asia server, how do I approach Valve about this?

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    Update: 1-1-2017
    @Pakistan PTCL USERS

    PTCL and Valve now peer directly in Dubai and all PTCL users should be getting <80ms latency towards the Dubai server.

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 
     2 (  0.824 ms   0.543 ms   0.679 ms
     3 (  0.646 ms   0.670 ms   0.554 ms
     4 (  3.506 ms   2.936 ms   1.858 ms
     5 (  25.117 ms   22.430 ms   23.518 ms
     6 (  23.893 ms   23.792 ms   23.211 ms
     7 (  52.487 ms   51.417 ms   50.342 ms
     8 (  51.184 ms   51.050 ms   50.416 ms
     9 (  48.134 ms   48.049 ms   47.713 ms 
    10 (  50.272 ms   50.185 ms   50.047 ms

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