I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this,
But anyway, i know it says there must be a player on at the game finish etc etc,
but why cant games count when all 5 enemy players leave?

basically, we had a leaver on our side.... yes we had the disadvantage, won early game with drow+undying
pushed early, took rax in like 14 minutes
and because all 5 enemies left, the game doesnt count?
and none of the enemies get penalised since the game auto finishes and it isnt an abandon

so if you win too hard? it wont count? thats just not fair
and its not like we won because the other team was trolling or anything, we just simply outplayed them with an early push strat, which is common in dota...

i thought it was perfectly acceptable for 5 players to leave when they lost the game, hence why the game auto finishes without logging an abandon for anyone.
And there is really no incentive to stay in a game you've already lost, so it just makes it harder to get out of low priority match making

not the mention the fact i got 3 additional low priority games for, bad internet, 5 min auto abandoning, but still relogging in to play, and WINNING the game, but thats another story