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Thread: South Asia Server (Pakistan, India, Sri lanka and others)

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    South Asia Server (Pakistan, India, Sri lanka and others)

    Update: 14-5-2012
    Have edited the thread title, I've talked with some of my friends who work with some ISP's here and their general response was that that the routes can't be optimised for everyone. So now requesting a server for a South Asia server for us Pakistani, Indian, Srilankan and other folks.

    You can see a clear difference between the routes. SO PLEASE I URGE YOU TO LOOK INTO THE MATTER. Pakistan has a huge DotA following & it would be just sad that we cannot play properly.


    Update: 28-8-2013
    @Pakistan PTCL USERS

    PTCL and valve have both turned up routing to SEA and all PTCL users should from now on be getting 80ms - 150ms ping to SEA servers. 80-90ms is for those who are from Karachi and have minimum local delay and it goes upto 140-150ms because the local delay is high, nothing can be done about that.

    p.s This change affects NayaTel users as well, if any NayaTel user isn't getting sub 150ms ping, please PM me.

    Update: 1-1-2017
    @Pakistan PTCL USERS

    PTCL and Valve now peer directly in Dubai and all PTCL users should be getting <80ms latency towards the Dubai server.
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    I'm from India and have pretty much the same issue.

    One other thing I have noticed is that usually when I start the first game of the day (against bots to warm up) I get 100 something ping to SEA servers but afterwards its always 300+ no matter which server I choose.

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    Yes that is a big issue which can be resolved with mutual coperation. And We will need valve being a responsible customer centric company which focuses on quality should be stepping ahead to resolve this issue.
    For a brief introduction. I work in the bigest ISP of Pakistan a.k.a PTCL. and on its behalf wanted to welcome valve to corespond in this regard.

    Please let me know from where you need to start or you need the IP Pools of Pakistan's customer base. Any local re-routing if required etc etc. Just Let me know.
    Works at Pakistan Telecommunication Corporate Ltd. as an IP Network CORE Engineer.

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    today server suckkkk!!

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    Same lag from India too. 800+ pings. game is unplayable in SEA servers.

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    Have you guys tried china servers?...seems like routing is bad in that part of the world.

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    China is a different story altogether & I doubt that route can be fixed.

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    Keep bumping this
    cause it will make playing dota for the players from the sub-continent nearly impossible.

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    Play on euro servers? I get 160-180 ping there. Hardly makes a difference!

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