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Thread: Just a small "It's in the bag" improvement I'd like to see

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    Just a small "It's in the bag" improvement I'd like to see

    Maybe it's because I'm a graphics artist, but ever since valve introduced that assured victory mechanic.. that button has been like a thorn in my eye. Same goes for taunts, coal etc.

    Here's my idea. Nothing too fancy, just what I thought fits a general theme (considering all the huds). Squares are nice, but not as floating elements imho. Our mind perceives circles (bubbles) as something that is much more appealing as floating, for obvious reasons.

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    Trust me mate, they wont listen to u at all. U post here just for u and couple of us, who's watching this forum.... I've posted like 1y ago, that they should add "MARK" in your Armory, so u can easily move your items from page 1 to page 25 ( in my case i have 50 pages ) and its kinda boring, when u have to move 50 items, ( ONE BY ONE ) from first to last page... U think they care about that ? That code is from Windows 95/98 to hold CTRL + Click to mark something, but i guess its 2 hard to add here....

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    Post your suggestion on reddit, they probably will see this, if you post it there. =)

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