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Thread: Shop hotkeys??

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    Shop hotkeys??

    I've played a lot of HoN and am very familiar with using hotkeys to buy items which makes things SO much easier/smoother/quicker etc. My number one biggest frustration with DotA2 is lack of this functionality. Can we please have full hotkey functionality (as in, you can buy anything with hotkeys and never have to use your mouse to click on anything in the shop). Or, if there already is, can someone please enlighten me. Being able to customise it would be amazing too but not fully necessary if it's too difficult.

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    Is there not a 'Shop Always Uses Hotkeys' option? It should be at the very bottom of the fourth tab in the options menu.
    Change has kept DotA alive, evolving, and improving since 2002. And now DotA has an entire new engine at it's disposal, with infinite new capabilities.

    So why are there so many DotA fundamentalists/conservatives that oppose new features, options, and information?

    Embrace the change.

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    yeah i hotkeys are important in shop like old dota pressing "t" to buy Teleport and escape

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    It's already in the game, go to options and enable it.

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    Want to share my thoughts here:

    Why shop isnt like this?


    So in current we use numbers AND letters to buy stuff.
    This makes your shopping and playing with stuff at same time to make some mistakes and buy something you dont want.

    Lets say I have hero binded on 1, some other creep controlled by me on 2, courier on 3.
    Now I want to buy something I press shop key, then W, then I see im getting ganged so I press 1 fast and click somewhere, oh I bought some useless item I dont need.

    Same with using courier and buying items and controlling hero at same time, big mess with numbers and all and makes you rage sometimes alot.

    In "new" there is only letters, so you cant buy something by mistake if you are doing some small micro etc and buying something at same time. Also removes numbers totally.
    You just need to learn different letter combinations for different items.

    I dont really see how they can make it any better what HoN had.
    All in all, current shop sux and really hope to see big improvement in it.
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    Google dota 2 autoexec.cfg layouts
    search for custom shop layouts

    the commands extracted

    Command: dota_shop_force_hotkeys
    Description: hotkeys up the shop. ie qwerty to choose a tab and 123... to choose an item.
    Example: dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1
    Default: "0", off by default

    shop_nav_to_search with the shop open, makes the search box active
    shop_nav_to_tab switch to a particular shop tab ( 0 - 12 )
    shop_select_itemrow buy ( or set quickbuy with shift held ) a particular displayed row
    toggleshoppanel toggles shop

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