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Thread: Pandaren Brewmaster

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    ZeppMan: I don't think it really matters, honestly.

    HMAN: Yeah, I noticed that too. Hopefully it was just done as a placeholder, until they could make something better.

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    Well, first, it's just Storm and not Storm Spirit.

    Second, it still makes no sense, because the spirit's textures were marked as Wind before.

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    Valve did an awesome, exciting job creating this model, it stands very similar to panda while not being one, its cute, i like it, theres no need to change anything, its perfect, all you can do is blame blizzard w****s for copyrighting an animal, sad times

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    I think valve did a fantastic job changing brewmaster into something that is still very much DoTA. I wish they made storm spirit into the same race, he looks very strange and indescribable right now.

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    I wanna say;

    I really don't like, and don't understand, the upcoming color changes for our Brewmaster.
    He was awesome.
    Does this come from feedback?

    Anyway, I'm disappointed, son.
    Many Thanks to VALVE for my beta key!

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    I'm thinking it was all the talk about Red Pandas. And I'm okay with this change.

    I'm sure that Valve will add the old skin as an alt texture for Brewmaster, though. Like the Orca skin for Tidehunter.

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