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Thread: Drop display at the end of the game but does not appear in the armory

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    Drop display at the end of the game but does not appear in the armory

    At the end of this match a message showed a drop for my account ( but the item described did not appeared in my armory.

    Is this a known bug ?

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    Have you tried sorting your armory and search it again? Do you have any screenshot/match ID as evidence?

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    Yes I searched and sorted the armory without luck, the match is this one:

    I unfortunetly did not take a screenshot as this never happened to me before, I checked the replayed the replay but the scoreboard is not displayed there.

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    same problem. match 1241881360
    after sorting in rarity got empty slot

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    same problem here...
    i unwrapped present and the drops that it contained, did not appear in armory
    also several drops did not appear in the armory.

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    I have the same problem. This bug has been mentioned in several other posts but no solution yet. It bothers me a lot.

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    items.jpg none of these items are in my armory..
    this is really annoying and also dissapointing

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    same problem here, match id: 1265289848

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    I have the exact problem.

    There is now an empty slot in the armory in-game client. Upon checking the item in steam, the item bundle can actually be seen.

    Steam ID: fullsynchro
    Match ID: 1264151238

    This seems to be a problem fixed in the past 1yr ago.
    "Some issues with client item acknowledgement have been fixed that caused items to be "invisible" to the armory but visible in the Steam backpack."

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    my items dont appear even in steam.
    dropped after match and doesnt display anywhere

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