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Thread: Stuck at Finding Match! Pls Help I cant play at all

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    Unhappy Stuck at Finding Match! Pls Help I cant play at all

    How can I fix this? whenever I try to find a match the number just keeps going up..its forever as if I was block in the server or something
    heres how it looks like I couldnt play a game at all not even once since today this weird stuff happen to my
    account....I tried using another account and It work fine I could find a match. but still my main account is doomed it just stays in finding match forever
    pls help guys...or tell me if im banned or something theres no notification or anything. and its only me who is like this all of my friends can find a match
    but if they party with me they also would'nt find a match themselves pls help asap
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    anyone will reply this ??

    I am seeing many similar posts on the STEAM FORUM.

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