Ok so I have had the following problems with my dashboard and now I can't even see when games pop:
Can click on any links, but none of them load.
Cannot accept friends request on dashboard, have to go into steam client itself.
Cannot make purchases on any dashboard page.
Can browse some items, but cannot browse the community market.
Can search for open games, but I do not get a prompt to accept the game.

What the heck is going on with my game? I have purchased some items in DOTA2 and expect someone to help me fix it so I can play this game again. I have been banned from normal games for 3 days in a row now because every time I try to get in a game, I click search, and the next message I have been getting is "You are banned from matchmaking for (number of time) due to abandoning or not readying up." So, this is freaking annoying and I want my bans removed. I want to be able to play. I don't like companies accepting money without any assistance. I mean really? I paid real money and I have to post my discrepancies in a freaking forum instead of just making a five minute phone call to find out what the issue is. Free to play=Free to irresponsibly entertain