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Thread: CRASHES all the time! Solution anyone?

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    Lightbulb CRASHES all the time! Solution anyone?

    Does anyone know any solution for the crashes on Ubuntu? I don't know why its like that :| My computer info:

    Intel core i7 2.2GHz
    Intel HD graphics 4000 up to 1760MB dynamic video memory
    What else should I put in the info?
    Please help thanks

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    Dude, I have simmilar problem and this question is duplicate I guess. However, I think I just solve it for myself.

    So... Ubuntu 14.04 Unity x64 Amd radeon hd 6400m 4gig ram - crashes on alt+tab and few games or just after few games + shift+tab using the Steam browser with more than 2 tabs is nearly impossible + random crashes despite the circumstances. Trying other drivers (properitary) make the things worse for me, the defaut open source wrapper works "best".

    Now Ubuntu with Openbox, Google chrome with few tabs oppen, spectating a game and writing this - IMPOSSIBLE BEFORE. Althought, I have the smae memmory usage:

    ~$ free -m
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 3948 3842 106 104 162 459
    -/+ buffers/cache: 3220 728
    Swap: 7758 17 7741
    ... stable as a rock.

    I am using Linux (Ubuntu) since 6 years and I can state I am NOT so experienced so I suggest NOT trusting me unless someone deliver the background of what I did. But, you can try it urself.

    PS: Don't be shocked when you see the black screen with just a cursor - it is not glitch or something, just rightclick and start web browser and find out how to configure Openbox menu and stuffs. GL HF, my match starts soon

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