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Thread: some issues about TA

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    some issues about TA

    I am not a English speaker,sry if you feel difficult when read this.


    My operation is A-D-A, please check the combat log
    The results showed three normal attack dealed 122, 125, 166 hit points respectively,this means the normal attack from "Meld" couldn't benefit from the armour reduction effect.
    It does not seem reasonable, I do not know if this bug or this is how it supposed to be.

    2.Psionic Trap

    A trap least for 4sec does have a 50% speed reduction effect, however the Buff displays incorrectly, it shows the reduction effect is 30%.


    Now hero's "T" with no cast action is very convenient, but sometimes I want to detonate the trap is not a nearest one. Could take the "T" to detonate last trap i set up? I think this would be much more reasonable.

    I expect a fix,my email
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    very efficient

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