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Thread: Pit Lord lore suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignitio View Post
    Erm... I feel like Arc WARDEN (get it? Maze? Warden?) has more precident to be in the Narrow Maze lore than Pit Lord
    It was something about a Warden Maze in the Wrath Night event a year ago isn't? it was writen in some piece of paper in the page at the day 2. Now that you say it, AU lore should be more related to LC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix. View Post
    It was something about a Warden Maze in the Wrath Night event a year ago isn't? it was writen in some piece of paper in the page at the day 2. Now that you say it, AU lore should be more related to LC.
    In Razor/Visage lore they are warden in some sort of soul maze, Maybe Arc Warden are from same place as those 2.

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    Nearly all the worlds in the universe are connected with one another. Be it a portal, a wormhole, a tear in the fabric of space and time, or a summoning ritual, each world interacts with others in an infinite number of ways. Events in one world will sometimes have negative or positive consequences in another, and these conflicts will often spur one world to send ambassadors to other worlds as a way of reducing the effects of these events.
    seems they have a connection with Faceless?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XGreen View Post
    seems they have a connection with Faceless?
    And Spirit Breaker.

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    I am glad I'm not the only one who wants Legion Commander to be mentioned. I kinda just skimmed through the thread and I think there should be some mention of Underlord's army
    Read a Sci-fi story I wrote

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    Abysall lord should laugh when he gets an abysall blade and his lore should be connected with an abysall blade and contains spirit breaker,faceless void and connects with arc warden..

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    Back when he used the ponder thru the Astral Maps,
    A mere gaze from Rac'Arious,
    or the Pit Lord,
    could have consume a world.
    City by city, civilization at a time,
    Rac'Arious collected his worlds, planets, and civilazations.
    He kept them on a necklaces
    and brooches. Bracelets and circlets.
    he admired himself in his riches in his Great Room
    where he was larger than life itself.

    Sometimes champions tried to defend their weak, worthless civilizations.
    Watching them collapse, desperately,
    satisfied the Pitlord.
    Hatred and loathing curses rest upon all who encounter
    Rac'Arious, the Pitlord's bitter magic.
    The planet's lives would rot out of them,
    but its beauty would remain -- at least in Pitlord eyes.

    Solar system by solar system, Rac'Arious collected more
    weak planets and crafted the most beautiful jewelery.
    As he gained noteriety among the gods
    For his fine taste in gems, Rac'Arious also became a target.
    Rac'Arious did not heed caution when raiding planets,
    and his confident attitude would be his undoing.

    A host of the greatest, and most affluent World Protectors
    joined forces and simply watched Rac'Arious for ages.
    They learned his movements and his tactics and
    his favorite forms and they made a plan to capture him...

    One day Rac'Arious tried to encase the power of the Ancients
    within his own being
    Hence, Natures Prophet, Zues, and the World Smith
    set their plan into motion
    to trap Rac'Arious's terrible being in a chamber for
    all eternity,
    After a difficult battle against him,
    the god's plan went accordingly,
    and Rac'Arious remained trapped for a long duration
    Where he was devoured by his own malice.

    Eventually, the chamber could no longer stand the reverse pressure creature by Rac'Arious's constant killing and re-consumption of his own being. The God's Magics werent strong enough to contain the recycled hatred. An entity of energy vaporized timeless shackles and the PitLord was born.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion Commander View Post
    No mention of Legion commander.

    Suddenly, Legion Commander dueled him and he was condemned to live outcast from foulfell. And now seeks revenge with the glorious commander to gain his pit back

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