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Thread: Custom build-ups scroll error

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    Custom build-ups scroll error

    If you save your own custom build for heroes, you got them in list to choose them, but if you save more of them (like for every hero) the scroll list ends after some no. of them, you cant scroll lower its stuck even you got more of build saves down... its same problem as scrolling down at recentely played heroes, you cant scroll whole list of them.
    Plz fix that or at least make that every build saves to the actual hero you play now, so every game you pick him it remembers from your account that this build is for this hero...

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    Really hard to get the jist of your point since reading that is almost not comprehendible as English. I would like to see a build template menu per hero in the near future. For now I don't see it as a problem but in the future when you have 100+ heroes I can see that being an annoying one. For now if you have an issue with how it is currently set up joyjoy, you can always use 1 template for a few different heroes. Being as the item builds will almsot be the same. IE: Ganking/support heroes.


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    I understand what you mean joyjoy. I think a full viewable list will be available along with replays when the game is officially launched.

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