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Thread: Custom Icon Changes (w/ Buff Icon)

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    Unhappy Custom Icon Changes (w/ Buff Icon)

    I don't like the update on hiding the custom icons and only to the user. I mean, the point of cosmetics is to show everyone else that you have these items and more importantly, those rare sets or exclusive items that introduces somewhat something new to the hero. It's pointless to use (even buy) cosmetics that customizes the hero if others won't see the changes (icons, buffs, etc.) other than the changes in hero model.

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    It was requested.
    Basically, the main issue is that some of the icons look nothing like the original ones, which could confuse those who don't know that they exist. It's not as severe for skill icons, since you should know the skill order anyways, but it's a pretty significant issue for item icons.
    Possible solution to foreigners issue
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