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Thread: items stolen

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    items stolen

    hello dota game a long time ... I lost my steam account was stolen so I've been a sucker ... I thought I could not recover my steam account but want lacked any proof of purchase or else there I learned that she had to recover with email as I created it

    ja recupei my account right back but happiness is not why I loved the items dota 2 does not recover along with the account it was in support falram steam that could not recover after 30 days straight now come here in support dota 2 to see if someone can help recover items from my dota 2 really love if you can help me I will be very happy please help me

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    the fact you post this in lore, makes you look stupid and you will probably lose your items again

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    I not only fail to comprehend the message you are trying to convey, but if I am reading it right, this is the wrong thread.

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    1. Wrong place to post this in.
    2. I have a lot of trouble trying to understand you, but if you were scammed, you won't be getting any of your items back.

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    i had a hard time to understand you aswell especially this sentence crack me up

    "ja recupei my account right back but happiness is not why I loved the items"

    someone move this to comedy

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