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Thread: Love the music but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halle View Post
    Maybe the waiting music from The International ?
    I loved it, but it's probably not so suited for looping more than once (Maybe the fact that I've had it looping in my car for quite a while may be the reason why, but anyway...)
    More music must be still added and will be added for sure.

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    I loved this music when heared it first time. Loved it when I heared it 5th time... 10th time... But GOD JESUS!!!! Now I have heared it about 800 times and I hate it more than Justin Bieber!
    Valve, please, make an option to disable menu music

    Just listen to the Demigod menu music, it is awesome and didn't annoy even if you listen it 1000 times:
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    To be honest I love games with dynamic music.
    Of course sometimes it's not perfect, but it gives me a lot more immersion.

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    Hmm the only thing i do not like in dota2 is the in game music T.T, it's enough of this "Arabian Nights" theme with bassoon like instruments. Really, no originality, this game is wonderful but i can not say the same for musics. That tunes remind me i'm fighting in the desert or near pyramids :S It has nothing to do with dota. And i do not want to be disrespectful to the composer but all i am trying to say is, this tune is not for dota2. Maybe it can be played somewhere else, while selecting heroes, but not in game. Thanks.

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    Maybe the reason people find it so annoying after awhile is that it sounds more like theme music rather than background music during menu selection/gameplay. In my opinion it could probably be more subtle.
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