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Thread: 3 Armory suggestions

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    3 Armory suggestions

    I always found current Armory design rather uncomfortable. I sort my stuff by hand - just because automatic sorting doesn't fit my needs. And for hand sorting there is no help in the Armory. So I thought to throw in few suggestions. Not sure if they were brought up already, if they were - I'm sorry.

    1) Multi-item moving. There are so many items in Dota now, our inventories are flooded by them. It's a torture to keep moving single item at a time. For example, I want to move a whole page of sets (carefully sorted) to another page. With this feature I can do it, saving spaces between items, just kind of swapping a page with another page. Same applies to the region of page. Or even individual items (when the items you want to move are mixed with the items you don't want to move).
    2) Selective sorting. I don't want to sort my whole inventory. I need to sort only some parts of it. There are 2 options here - either you can sort only individual pages or you can shift-click choose region like you select multiple words in text and click "Sort it!".
    3) Sort by value. Steam market is everywhere. Well, why then not make it like in TF, where you can see the value of certain item, but also make possible value sorting. Not only it will help against sharks, but also you will no longer mix trash items with valued ones.

    P.S: I forgot about one more idea, but it would make 4 suggestions, so gonna write it in p.s Ever lost an item in your Armory? Well, with this feature you never will. If you type in seach field the name of the item - you can see it, but you can't see where in your Armory it actually is. So, why not make right-click option "Show in Armory" (Like in Mac OS or Win - "Show in Explorer/Finder" - and you will be taken to the item.

    Let me know what you think about these ideas. I just feel that some people don't sort their inventory not because they don't care, but because they aren't given proper tools to do it.
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    I sort my inventory "By Hero". It's currently the most comfortable way I could find, and I'm fine with it.

    Idea #1, #3 and #PS seem to be pretty fine to me. I like these ideas, but #2 seems to be a little bit too complicated and complex for such and armory. I can't really imagine a case when I would use this option.
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    Armory needs a huge rework, I think. There's that annoying bug with not being able to drag items into the Item Recycling, if you use Search to navigate. Really frustrating.

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