So I have been enjoying dota 2 for a long time now but recently I get reported very often for no reason.

Now I am seriously considering just leaving dota because if this keeps going on its not playable anymore...

in the last 2-3 days I get put in the lpq for ~15 games without really doing anything wrong.

after this game:
my team flames me and likely reported for me not being able to carry. I get 15 games in LPQ...

so I go play LPQ and am back again and can play matchmaking.

then today I get this game:

I call mid first and our brewmaster doesn`t care and goes mid with me. All the while spamming in chat and talking that all should report me because I went mid even though I called. After a while he goes bot and everything is fine.

after the game now I have again 15 games in LPQ.

seriously I cant keep going like this...