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Thread: Techies Biography Mistake

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    Techies Biography Mistake

    "Confused, he stood up, pressing his button again and again until, finally, an explosion tore a hole in the field. Elated, Squee and Spleen turned toward home just as a massive wave of sound and force arrived to knock them over."


    1. they plant the bomb...
    2. it explodes...
    3. They got elated seeing what they've done. They even got enough time to turn toward home just before...
    4. a massive wave extremely slow knock them over!

    How would they get happy and start going home BEFORE getting hit by the shock wave?

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    They must be a really long way off.

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    It's sound, roughly 1 second delay = 1 mile away from source. So they would have seen it because light is faster, then the sonic wave would follow since it's slower. So it depends how far away they were.
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