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Thread: A look into the battlefield of Dota 2

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    A look into the battlefield of Dota 2

    Based on the lores of heroes, there are pretty damn much scary,ultra powerful being ( 4 Fundamental, AA, Elder, ES, 3 spirit, Weaver, Bane, Void...)
    now consider the power of the battlefield
    Enigma, consumers of planets, ultra-powerful dude, his black holes was a tiny bit of black object that sucks stuff on Dota 2 battlefield
    Elder, shapeshifter of the World, who created every plain of existance, can only shatter a tiny bit on the Dota 2 battlefield
    Zeus, god of thunders, even though lost his immortality, still just an old short little dude on the battlefield of Dota 2
    The question is. What plain does the War of the Ancient actually take place? And how that plain could sustain so many black hole, so many battle, and still does not change a bit for a whole lot?

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    The Radiant and the Dire limit the powers that the heroes can dish out? I'm pretty sure that those two are members of the Primordials, the ones who created the universe, which puts them above everyone else with the exception of the Titans, who shaped the universe.

    Some of the beings you mentioned aren't at their full power. Ancient Apparition still has a long way to go before the end of the universe, Elder Titan shattered himself, Zeus you already mentioned. Others just don't have the power to completely destroy the battlefield, Bane has absolute power over dreams and only minimal power over the physical realm, and Faceless Void rips a hole in the fabric of space and time but restores it eventually. Weaver, despite his lore, doesn't seem to have the raw power needed for massive area of effect change; he seems to be more fond of small scale but very precise reality warping.

    As for those who have the ability to decimate the plain, it seems a good bet that they are deliberately weakening themselves to enjoy a good fight (Chaos Knight), don't want to destroy more than necessary (Wisp, Keeper of the Light, the three Spirits), or want something to actually rule over once he's finished conquering (Doom).

    Enigma is an enigma, though.

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    My theory is that the Ancients limit the maximum power that can br used by the heroes. As we know, the ancients provide ressurection for the heroes. I think that the Ancients can only ressurect so much of a hero and that if the hero is more powerful, they are nerfed. Maybe the Ancients emit a kind of energy field around them which greatly weakens the heroes. Unfortunately, a large amount of infomation in the Dota universe seems to have been lost over time
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