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Thread: Armlet actually drains 50 hp/sec

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdsx90 View Post
    Cause you're just level 16 and the one on the video is level 25.
    Do you really think that 0.5 hp regen from str will make a difference?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adversarius View Post
    I remember something like this from some time ago.....

    There seem to be some rounding-problems in dota. So maybe this is just the case with 4 and 5 HP drain.
    The shown value of this number is rounded up, but the mana regeneration itself isn't. Added percentage-based mana regeneration doesn't always round up.
    Also applies to hp regen. So it really drains 50 hp/sec because the bar won't drop when you have the exact amount of regen needed (the number shown doesn't matter).

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    Also can Valve fix the differences between local and Valve lobbies? So we wouldn't get stuff like this and false results.

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