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Thread: Armlet actually drains 50 hp/sec

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    Armlet actually drains 50 hp/sec

    How to reproduce:

    - Create lobby with cheats
    - Pick invoker
    - Level up and max quas
    - Set 3 quas instances
    - Buy tranquil boots and armlet
    - Activate armlet

    You should have 40 hp/sec of regen (12 from boots + 21 from quas + 7 from armlet) but when you activate armlet you still lose hp.

    Buy 4 ring of regen. You now have almost 50 hp/sec (including basic regen) of regen and you don't drop hp anymore. Can anyone explain this?

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    Does the armlet still provide its +7 when active?

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    works fine for me..

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Is it hosted with Local Lobby or on Valve servers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GermanViet View Post
    Is it hosted with Local Lobby or on Valve servers?
    not a local lobby, you can see the ping

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    GermanViet is right. Normal lobbies (on Valve servers) have a 5HP/0.1s drain, therefore 50HP/s. Local lobbies have a 4HP/0.1s drain, therefore 40HP/s. I checked a live game (ranked) and Armlet also had 5HP/0.1s drain, so it seems to be bugged apart from local lobbies.
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    I wonder how long this discrepancy has existed. I'll see if I can find some old replays...

    I have a replay from 2014-12-25 where it's 5 HP per tick.
    I have a replay from 2014-11-09 where it's 4 HP per tick.

    So the bug was introduced between those dates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Slark View Post
    Cause you're just level 16 and the one on the video is level 25.

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    I remember something like this from some time ago.....

    There seem to be some rounding-problems in dota. So maybe this is just the case with 4 and 5 HP drain.

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