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Thread: Requesting Pathfinding Examples

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    Could we have an optional Unit Formation pathing, possibly to enabled as a KV in some units?

    I know of "DisableClumpingBehavior" but with it all units would still try to move to the same point instead of maintaining a formation around the selected group. I realize this isn't of much use for Dota in particular, but could be a great thing to have for the modding scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybred View Post
    I would really like an option to force pathing. Because sometimes, typically on edges, if you even slightly come close to the edge it assumes you want to be on the other side. It would be nice to have an option or hotkey to hold when you want the unit to move to that position no matter what. So if it's an edge, you run to the edge and continue to run into that edge until you manually path your way to where you need to be. I think holding CTRL or ALT while hitting a movement key would fix this. It would make juking much better along with general navigation at the most critical moments.
    This would be great!

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    Force pathfinding would make me want to play SF, lol.

    Also, could you add an option to draw the path in the minimap? Sometimes the hero takes the weirdest path, and while I keep focusing some fight I'm going to, when I realize I'm coming from a different path I thought I would walk. Then I die in the most stupid ways. If the minimap draw the path, then I could see that I would be going the wrong way and change the path.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarryre View Post
    Pathing directly around towers is not smooth. In dota 1 if you run around a tower it is smooth but dota 2 is very jittery and makes you stop
    the same kind of jittery movement happened here for me too:
    Match ID: 1216790653
    ingame time: 16:55

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    took me a while to check on things on this forum, the bug is real and it's annoying. i've encountered it many times, last time i was right clicking at the dire big camp, the hero was coming from bot rune. at the dire stairway from mid the hero was stuck on the side of the stairs, it wasnt going to climb it but only after a few right clicks on nearby areas.( 1268622920 this was i think the match id, i dont know the exact minute twas around mid game i guess i was omni.)

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    Can't walk up the hill mid at dire side top rune.

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    Got stuck between a creep and a tree
    Replay ID:1298542080
    Game time: 1:39

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    The game seems to constantly try to recalculate the fastest path when it shouldn't. Since the recent changes, clicking to move will no longer send you on an absolute path, ie. the one that at click the game saw as the most suitable. Instead, you can start walking in one direction, then without additional clicks turn and redirect to go around a cliff face or creep and head in a totally different way to the clicked destination. I notice this a huge amount when playing Earthshaker. Previously, after casting Fissure you can get caught up in some creeps that bunch around you but you will path through it if you don't do any additional clicking (additional clicking used to be the way to get screwed, this would cause the redirecting I described a bit earlier). Now, and MAN I wish I stored the replay now that I've seen this thread, NOT clicking after the first move command can still cause the character to flounder helplessly. They aren't truly stuck, but they go in the initial direction, hit a creep, try to recalculate, hit another creep, try again, and what this looks like is Earthshaker walking back and forth on-screen in a small area.

    The game used to be able to sort this out, but I died waiting for Earthshaker to get around the 3 creeps in his face. Now, I HAVE to mash move command on my desired destination to get Earth through the cluster of units, then stop so it can pick a path and hope it sticks to it. It feels like the game lost the ability to decide on a path, as a result of recent patches (New Bloom or just before).

    EDIT: Requested the replay from dotabank, gotta wait and then I'll add it here.

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    Was playing as tiny and A-moved around 19:30 in the game near creep and trees by the radiant T2 towers and got some weird indecisive movement where i kept going back and forth around the tree.

    Match ID: 1323848454

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