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Thread: More Pathing Feedback

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    match id:1242690066
    time: 16:30
    i was playing shadow fiend and was trying to farm camps in the jungle and the pathfinder created an invisible obstacle which i thought was an enemy with invis rune and asked my team to put a sentry down there.

    This is not the first time such thing happens. It happens many times already after the new broom patch. and i only played about 10 games after the patch. within these 10 games i have encountered this kind of bug for about 3~4 times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hill View Post
    Thank you for all your responses to the request for pathfinding test cases. We've made some systemic changes to the pathfinder which will be in tomorrow's public test build. Some of the changes are experimental in nature, so if you could test tomorrow's build and give feedback on the pathfinding in this thread that would be very helpful.

    Thank you!
    Hey Jeff,

    I'm currently a Computer Engr. student at UIUC. I have also been actively playing DotA for 3 years, and recently I notice some glitches and bugs on the path finding. I'm really interested in helping to improve the pathfinding algorithm for better gameplay experience, and I think I can also apply some of my knowledge from school to some certain aspects. Would you mind letting me know how I can contribute to the community? Thank you.

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    Not sure if it is Louie's AI issue or pathing issue or both: dota2://matchid=1244829267&matchtime=1172
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    Hero stutters when I use new alt+click move to turn him while in trees.
    It is as if hero tries to start moving before finishing turn.

    Example of how it causes problem: I hide in trees as Slark and try to pounce out to where I imagine my target to be - I have to wait about a whole second for him to finish the turn before pouncing, if I leap early - it goes off target.

    Webm for illustration (might be loud)

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    When using dota_player_units_auto_attack 1 Alt+Right Clicking any unit causes controlled unit(your hero) to move towards the unit using path-finding.

    Is this intended?

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    I found a pathing problem with broodmother, apparently it happens if there is a spin web.

    she will get stuck if you point on the small camp

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    ^That theoretically makes sense.. The web area is shaped like a circle and the free pathng is instantly lost upon leaving the web. You leave the web, so you get bounced back, then she has to walk around the trees, gets back into the weba nd the walks straight through again but then gets out of the web again.
    Please, just call me buny.

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    Valve hallo, are you going to do something?

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    Pathing seems worse now, most logical solution to me would be to revert back to the old pathfinding system and just fix the few issues that existed. Today my hero got stuck while trying to go down the hill at radiant ancients, trying to move any other direction fixed it, but it's kinda annoying and especially if you are being chased, this could mean your death.

    I realize that it took you long hours working on this new system, but it's not even close to being ready. Seriously we need a fix to pathing asap.

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