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Thread: More Pathing Feedback

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    Pathfinding around trees is bad (again). Here are two example videos:

    This makes juking a bit harder. Also you are facing the wrong direction which in combination with forcestaff will put you in places you didn't want. When clicking fast you might cancel blink dagger which are supposed to work instantly if you are facing the correct direction.

    This is probably the same bug as this:
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    Early this week, we got lucky. Or perhaps you could say Loda got very unlucky. In Esportal Dota 2 League game #2 between The Alliance and Ninjas in Pyjamas, Loda reproduced the pathfinding bug at 18:26 game time. As Slardar, Loda had given a move to position order near some trees, and the generated path included an erroneous sharp turn at the very last step. Just as Slardar reached this last step, Loda activated his blink dagger. However, since Slardar was incorrectly trying to turn at the same moment, he was no longer within the required 11.5 degrees of facing the target position. Many players forget that your Hero does have to face towards the blink target before the blink actually starts. Exactly 0.07 seconds later, before Slardar had completed turning back towards the blink target, Loda cast Slithereen Crush, which replaced the blink dagger order. Sorry Loda!
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    Not sure if this thread still alive, but i had pathing bug today. Match id 1968635410, 16:40 bot lane Viper. I clicked on tower and hero walked back an forward on same place, tried to reset by clicking on ground and tower again, didn't help. Had to click on ground and wait until hero moved 100-150 units away from that place.

    Video here

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    I was the Weaver. The path to the fight was blocked by the ranged creep (bit unfortunate timing on the screenshot, but you can see the healthbar).
    I was spam clicking both the ground and the dazzle, but my hero was just rocking to and fro, not deciding which way to go.

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    This detour happens in almost every single game! If you farm the left medium camp on radiant, stand west or south west of the "lone tree" and make a move command to the next hard camp to the east, you will make a huge detour around the single tree instead of going the shorter way to the left straight to the ramp.
    It happens in this game at min 7:38 and 15:00 to Legion Commander: Match ID 2116134696

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    ever since 6.86, there have been more pathfinding bugs than ever.. why cant it just be where we click and the fastest most alternative way there?

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    Very bad pathing around Radian'ts secret shop.

    Not much to say, the hero refuses to go through any unblocked path.

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    Pathing doesn't feel as fluid as it used to be. should be reviewed, there are a lot of irregularities.

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    Got a pathing bug with Broodmother.


    She's touching her web, gaining free pathing, walking through a tree, losing free pathing, tries to walk around the tree, hits web, gains free pathing, walking through the tree, losing free pathing, etc.

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