Match ID: 2584264203

1) First my teammate zeus died around 0:08, then his icon just stuck on the last second of zeus re-spawn (confirmed by chat, this status is visible to everyone and in replay), while in fact he successfully randomed morphing and continues play it.

1) After his 2nd death he randomed jugg and the item he inherited from previous hero (morph) is disabled as it's other player's item, however still shows his ID on it. Items he buys after respawn still works normally.

1) My other teammate's Elder Titan somehow can use his stomp to stun and deal damage to me, 23:26 clearly shows it.

1) Around 24:17, according to BUG#2 he denied me with that stomp. And after this I can not buy any items.
2) When trying to buy ANY item, read line of sth like "英雄无法装备这件装备" pops up. I do not know the exact English error wording for this, from a direct translate it should be something similar to "This hero can not equip this item".
3) Tried to buy from courier, buy from side shop, secret shop or home shop. None of those worked.
4) Died multiple times after this, respawn does not fix the issue.
5) The already bought items are still working even if I dropped them on the ground or courier and pick up after.

Some Details:
1) I have played a custom game "roshpit" before this match.

I haven't tried reproduce this issue. I have the replay downloaded, I can not submit with attachment since it's 42MB but feel free to ask me for it.