[Dota 2 Reborn]

Pathfinding around trees is bad (again). Here are two example videos:

This makes juking a bit harder. Also you are facing the wrong direction which in combination with forcestaff will put you in places you didn't want. When clicking fast you might cancel blink dagger which are supposed to work instantly if you are facing the correct direction.

This is probably the same bug as this:
Quote Originally Posted by http://blog.dota2.com/2015/03/various-pathfinding-fixes/
Early this week, we got lucky. Or perhaps you could say Loda got very unlucky. In Esportal Dota 2 League game #2 between The Alliance and Ninjas in Pyjamas, Loda reproduced the pathfinding bug at 18:26 game time. As Slardar, Loda had given a move to position order near some trees, and the generated path included an erroneous sharp turn at the very last step. Just as Slardar reached this last step, Loda activated his blink dagger. However, since Slardar was incorrectly trying to turn at the same moment, he was no longer within the required 11.5 degrees of facing the target position. Many players forget that your Hero does have to face towards the blink target before the blink actually starts. Exactly 0.07 seconds later, before Slardar had completed turning back towards the blink target, Loda cast Slithereen Crush, which replaced the blink dagger order. Sorry Loda!