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Thread: Charm of the Crucible Jewel when no stats recorded

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    Charm of the Crucible Jewel when no stats recorded

    I'll start this off by saying I'm not in low priority, but you would think I am before you belive this shit. I've had 10 games in a row with leavers, whereof 3 were without stats recorded. And it still counts as a loss on Charm of the Crucible Jewel.

    I don't think it should count as a loss on it at all if anyone abandons at any stage, but fuck me it should not count as a loss if it's stats not recorded, that's just ridiculous. Now in a sense, this is other people litteraly removing money from you. By abandoning your game they can litteraly void actual currency, such as Charm of the Crucible Jewel, which, ridiculous at it sounds costs 10 fucking items. I don't see a single reason for letting other people remove 10 items from your inventory.

    Now that that rant is over, still being a loss even when stats are not recorded has to be a fucking bug, I dont see any logical reason for it.
    Counting as a loss when people have abandoned with stats recorded, I think that is pretty bullshit but there is some reason for it, trading abandoning the game and then getting items from the guy you abandoned for or whatever, but still, I think it would be more just to not count as a loss if people abandoned, however do count it as a loss if the guy who predicted in question abandoned. Heck, destroy his fucking charm, something clearly isnt working if there can be 10 games in a row with people abandoning.

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    This happened to me today. Match id: 1297633798

    WTF is that? I spent gold on charms to see this happen?

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