Just now i encountered something so infuriating if it happens to someone over here they will die from a raging heart i was playing a casual year beast brawl and i was happy that we were winning and then i realised i was doing everything for the team teleporting the beast and using abilities at the proper time and my team were all 10 hours played nut heads who didnt even know what to fucking build or what and the opposite team was a fucking 5 man party while i was solo queuing and they had like leveled accounts and we lost because of that since my team couldnt build anything and the juggernaut kept on feeding i dont know whether it was on purpose or not but he did he kept on rushing in alone in front of them getting killed they were juking them like a bunch of babies whatever it was it is really infuriating and this should be fixed a match should only be find with people matching or near your level in dota2 this was the fucking match id i hope you guys look into it because i feel like abusing in this message : 1248606445