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Thread: (BUG) Incomplete set in the event "New Bloom 2015"

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    (BUG) Incomplete set in the event "New Bloom 2015"

    Incomplete set in drop of won match at New Bloom 2015

    Last night in a game that i won ID 1243196275, I won an incomplete set of Rubick, attached picture, and I expect a prompt response item that I lack. In that game i also get a courier named "Cuernorojo". I dont know but the set of Rubick comes incomplete, only 3 parts instead 4. When i oppened the pack that i won in that match it only give 3 parts of that set.

    set incompleto.jpg

    I want my missing part pls.
    Ayer por la noche en un partido que gané ID 1243196275, me hizo llegar un conjunto incompleto de Rubick, imagen adjunta, y espero que un elemento de respuesta rápida que me falta. En ese juego yo también gané un mensajero llamado "Cuernorojo". No sé, pero el conjunto de Rubick viene incompletos, sólo 3 partes en lugar de 4. Cuandro abri el pack que gane en esa partida solo me dio 3 partes del set.

    set incompleto.jpg

    Quiero la parte restante por favor.

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    I've also put a ticket

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    me too! already ticket it!

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    I been there also )

    I recycled it right away. haha

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