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Thread: "Learn" section problems +others

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    "Learn" section problems +others

    1.) When you go into the "Learn" section, there seems to be a gltich to were you cannot select some champions. The ones I saw were at the bottom of the sub-sections, such as Alchemist, Ursa, Chen, Bat rider etc. All other champions where at the top, or in the middle of the group sections (intelligence, agility, strength etc)

    2.) Aside from that, there is also some sort of collision problem with some letters in abilities. Ones that have "auto-cast" in them, collide with the following word after it, such as "Affects". Makes everything clustered and unreadable.

    3.) When minimizing and going back into the game, the crusor's graphics change to the standard, windows graphics rather than the in game one. Breaks immersion somewhat.


    4.) When choosing a champion, after locking in and after they say thier two cents, the player still has the option to choose another champion. Of course your choice dosnt change, but the red button is still there, and it still makes noises when you press it when another champion is selected. I suggest having the button be removed after you have chosen your champion.
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