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Thread: Spectating Bots

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    They work fine for me, at least on normal Dota. Not tried it on Reborn.

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    On reborn, there is a bug with the console; it constantly stays on the screen, so you can't fully watch the match hopefully it'll be fixed

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    I think I figured out the problem with bots putting down the courier (it's because they aren't on unfair, plus they ain't on your team, so they glitch due to you being spectator), you have to use this command "dota_bot_practice_difficulty 4" (default is 1) and it should work, worked for me, also I have "dota_bot_match_difficulty 4", but I'm pretty sure it automatically changes when you set that on the bot match, or co-op vs ai.

    Have fun!

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    No, it didn't work for you. Because you don't know what we are discussing. In all-AI matches, bots cannot use the courier AT ALL.

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    ? I was spectating and the bots actually place the courier inside their spawn areas when I use them cheats, so I'm pretty sure it works now (I tried it lots of times and it works with the cheats above). Bots do use courier, but from my experience, enemies (if you play solo or co-op) won't use courier on lower difficulties than hard or unfair I think (haven't tried hard), because they place theirs outside of their base.

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    Sadly, it no longer works due to no console on the new dota 2 reborn

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    Ok, I tried my instructions on page 4 and it does work (ignore -console however); get console up by pressing \ or | and type all the commands (add jointeam spec at the end in case it doesn't work after all the commands) have fun watching ai :P.
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