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Thread: Mana Shield + Overload still works ?

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    Mana Shield + Overload still works ?

    This kind of bug again, zero cost spammable ability with a really strong passive.
    Our enemy litterly could spam mana shield and get overload proc on each attack leading into ridicolous dmg.

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    this need to be fixed

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    Abilities without cooldown (or any switchable spell) should not trigger passives... It breaks ballance of the game. Dunno why they fixed it just for certain combos and not for all of them.

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    AD was never about balance. I personally don't treat this as a bug, but rather a synergy. It works as you would imagine. I don't want it to be "fixed".
    Hell, it used to work with Aftershock and Static Field, but that was changed for balance reasons. They could have changed the others, but I'm happy they didn't.
    The real bugs are stuff like Witchcraft, Metamorphosis, Moon Glaives, Elder Dragon Form etc. And indeed, any heroes not added to the mode.

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    I think it should be fixed because you don't pay in mana for switching the mana shield therefore you shouldn't get the buff. Anyway as Darentei said there's other things that are real bugs.

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