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Thread: The gifting led to security holes - Stolen Crystal Maiden arcana

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    The gifting led to security holes - Stolen Crystal Maiden arcana

    Some facts about the item...

    • The arcana was bought using the in-game store.
    • The last time someone saw the arcana for sure was March 1.
    • The disappearance of the arcana has been spotted March 2 in the evening.

    • The last transaction on the market took place on February 13. Buying Phantom Assassin arcana on the market.
    • The last transaction in the game took place on February 24. Buying points for the New Bloom Event.
    • The last transaction in the store was held on February 3. Buying some games.
    • There are no entries about any kind of transactions after February 24.
    • Player's inventory transaction history latest entry is dated for February 27. None of those transaction concern arcana.

    I opened an link and ran an infected application.

    • This application is impersonating a screensaver for Windows.
    • Potential victim is convinced that he opens an ordinary image.
    • The virus affects the operation of steam by sending links to friends with the infected file.
    • After some time, the virus adds to the friend list fake account that will be used to steal.
    • In the case of my diagnosis the account steam id was 76561198175588446.
    • There is a lot of link in the comments of the thief account. I suppose that they are necessary for the proper operation of the virus.
    • There is a lot of gifted items in the thief account inventory. That was my first clue as to how did he steal the items. Signatures of the gifts were not removed.
    • I managed to contact with the person whose nickname was written as a gift giver - Popeye. I learned from him that he was the victim of theft as well and that he tried to contact with Steam Support but received no response for more than 3 days at the moment. His items have disappeared without leaving any trace in the history of the transactions. Just like in my case.
    • I tried to contact with other listed people as well but they didn't respond for my friend invitation yet. I left an comments everywhere I was able to with the warning about the possibility of theft.
    • There are few links on the thief account leading to the steam trade with person called "AVANGARD" who created his account at the beginning of this year. I decided to take a closer look at him.
    • I managed to contact with a few people from the AVANGARD friends list. Some Russian, Korean and Ukrainian guys.
    • During the conversation, I learned from the Russian guy that Avangard tried to extort from him the password to his steam account on the same day under the pretext of winning a DotA 2 contest. He thanked me for the warning and removed him from his friends. I moved on.
    • During the conversation, I learned from the Korean guy that Avangard just added him to the friends one day before, but he didn't said anything since then. I warned him and continued my investigation.
    • During the conversation, I learned from the Ukrainian guy that Avangard just talked with him about some DotA 2 items in exchange for steam founds. Just like before I warned him and move on.
    • At this point it was obvious for me that Avangard is some kind of semi-main accout of the thief and arvinessianiti was just an items gateway or something like that.

    The question remains: What should I do now?

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    Tell it to steam autoresponder.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crowfeather View Post
    The average mmr in the 3.4k is lower than the average mmr in the 3.5k .
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    in the middle of my game, I go to the menu, and watch a friend's game. That makes no sense to me.
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    Sometimes the zeus ulti suddenly activated and it really scared me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidades View Post
    Tell it to steam autoresponder.
    submit a steam support ticket and stop clicking on stupid links

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