So, I've post this issue to Steam Support few days ago, but they redirected me here. Here it goes:

I purchased few of the Charm's of the Ram's Renewal some time ago. Recently I put the game in the bag (matchid 1288200079) but I didn't get the "Successful predictions" increased. After that I won 2 games (matchids 1288784464 and 1288865677) that I both put in the bag and I should've got the Treasure of the Ram's Renewal (3 successfully predicted wins), but I didn't get it, because the first prediction didn't count. Now I put it in the bag too, but we lost the game, because matchmaking system is pretty bad...
What I'm asking you is can you just remove this charm and give me my deserved treasure? I don't want to lose prediction again.

I attached some screenshots proving I'm right. I will leave the charm in my inventory and use the other one that I have until you fix this. My "Steam Account Login Name" is lovemyway.

P.S. What are the chances of getting an Unusual Masked Fey courier from this treasure? I want this courier so bad and I've opened few of them but I didn't get it.

Kind regards,