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Thread: Some Items From Recent Chests Cannot Be Gift Wrapped

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    Question Some Items From Recent Chests Cannot Be Gift Wrapped

    Hi there, I've noticed that sets from the New Bloom chests have no options to be gift wrapped. If it is about the trade/market restriction, the previous chests were gift wrappable even with these restrictions. If there are restrictions about gift wrap, shouldn't there be a notice like "this item can be gift wrapped after...." like last time?. The item(s)/item sets that have no gift wrap options at all are items recently bought from the market and items from these 3 chests:
    1. Treasure of the Spring Blossom
    2. Treasure of the Ram's Renewal
    3. Treasure of the Hallowed Lands

    Update: Recently opened Treasure of the Spring Blossom, got the Morphling bundle. The bundle can be gift wrapped, however, when opening the bundle, the items cannot be gift wrapped(no gift wrap option appears)

    If anyone has posted regarding to this and found a solution/information about this, please do tell and thank you in advance!
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