Hi! my user name is I_H8_U_M8 I have played dota for about 7 years and enjoy playing ability draft and ranked all pick.

So a little while ago I was playing some ability draft. Built myself a tinker with Heat Seeking Missiles, Rocket Flare, Living Armor and Rearm.
Naturally when I reached lvl 11, I spent the majority of the time playing my hero at the fountain. I was healing all the towers, getting creep kills, giving armor to my allies and assisting in fights with barrage and killing the odd hero here and there. Nevertheless I am in the fountain and then all of a sudden the message appears that I have been removed from the game and assessed with an abandon! At this point you see all the messages from people and how the enemy team is loving it because I'm harassing them so much with my build.

Why did I get an abandon? What should be done to Dota, maybe just for ability draft to improve this? My allies greatly benefited from my global presence, however I was assessed as someone who had made their team play at a disadvantage!

Edit: we won the match.

Match ID: 1318389024
Replay Currently avalible.