So I was trying to find a key to use to get transfer items from Stash and I tried to bind it to Ctrl + 1.
But immediately thought it was a bad idea because it replaced my Control Group Binds so I changed my Control Group 1 bind to 1 again.
Thing is I am not able to make new Control Groups with Ctrl + 1 anymore. If I press Ctrl + 1 it doesn't make a Control Group, now I don't know how to fix this because I can't find the config file that has the Ctrl Modifier Binds to change it.
Tried reinstalling Dota 2 but Steam Cloud is messing my settings. Tried disabling Steam Cloud but it seems the file isn't deleted when uninstalling Dota 2.
Tried rebinding Control Groups to 1 again to see if it fixed, but it didn't.
Does anyone know where is the config file with the Control Group making Binds?