For a long while some of the very oldest replays from beta (Spring 2012 and before) have not been playable in the client, kind of understandable given how much the code has changed. However, more recently, within the past few months, it seems like an even greater number of later replays now also either don't play properly or crash the client (mid 2012, maybe later).

Would it be possible to have a kind of compatibility mode for old replays so that the game can attempt to avoid crashing, even if it has to display weird graphical errors in order to keep playing? There are a lot of replays where, the replay runs fine with some missing textures, but then crashes at various events (eg when creeps spawn). Is it at all possible to avoid the client crashing entirely?

I only ask because it's pretty sad not being able to watch these epic old matches that we had recorded, and gradually I guess that all of them are going to become unwatchable. Personally, the ones I miss the most now are the matches I played with a friend who taught me the game. They were amazing to watch back, particularly for understanding how I can better teach my friends now who are new to the game.

The only other solution of course is to go back and make video recordings of all the replays we have. I should have done this a lot sooner, but obviously demo files are much nicer things to have than videos.