Walrus Punch is creating a graphical glitch in Ability Draft Mode that remains with any enemy hero it is used on throughout the remainder of the game.

Further; if a player on the opposing team selects Juxtapose for their ultimate, and they are effected by the Walrus Punch graphical glitch, their illusions do not receive the glitch, and the enemy team can easily see which is the actual hero.

Please reference match ID #: 1337724538

1) Player on Dire Team selects Walrus Punch in Ability Draft
2) Player on Radiant Team selects Juxtapose in Ability Draft
3) Dire player uses Walrus Punch on Radiant Player
4) Radiant player is effected by graphical glitch and surrounded by fog and a green ball of light.
5) Radiant player's illusions from Juxtapose are not effected by graphical glitch

Dire team knows which is the actual Radiant player, because the Hero has graphical glitch, and illusions do not

Walrus Punch graphical glitch is fixed, and no longer stays with the enemy hero for the remainder of the game; or, Walrus Punch is removed from ability draft mode.

Thank you,

Creighton Burrell