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Thread: Too hard to find custom games

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    Too hard to find custom games

    Searching for custom games via password is not a good system. We should be able to just right click on a custom game we're subscribed to, click Play, and it would automatically drop us into an open lobby. Either that or we could "view open lobbies" and choose which one we want.

    To get a custom game going is much too difficult. You either have to spam all the custom game chat rooms, or add an absurd amount of people to your friends list that want to play custom games. 3rd party sites are even springing up to make this easier, which should not even be necessary.

    With more and more custom games coming out that people want to play, I hope you guys make it a priority to make this system better. I spend more time spamming chat and looking for custom games than actually playing them.

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    I don't use it, but I didn't hear it being broken in the last two months. I think we can expect a lobby browser once the alpha tools are no longer "alpha", but for now you can use the lobby browser from the link.
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