We had Ranked MM for a long time now,which generally is good(or bad however you wanna look at it),and I think a really big number of people are in a MMR bracket they dont belong.Be it in high or very high RMM,by abusing the system in all sorts of ways which are not important for my suggestion.
I feel we need to have a reset on everyones MMR at certain periods of time.Ranked pubs have being a literal night mare the past month or so,for people that actually want to play decent dota and expect normal people in his team(and against him)who also wanna play decent dota and win.Opposed to just whine,feed,flame etc.I think a reset to all people's MMR might be a good thing to improve the quality(even if its not much) of ranked game.I can see an outcry of many people who will want to keep their current MMR points.But I think that people who actually belong in their current MMR bracket will get to the same spot quickly.So that kinda solves the problem with the abusers of the RMM system.But most of all this reset off MMR will bring back the excitment of playing ranked games.Cuz right now I dont even want to open Dota since I know I will just face people that are in the game just to flame,whine and blame not actually trying to win the game.Im an avarage player(according to my MMR) and I feel this reseting will make RMM fun for me again.I really hope Valve gives it a though,if they see that at all.
TL;DR I feel that a reset on everyones MMR points will bring more benefits that negative and will make RMM exciting again.Maybe make a reset every 3 month.