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Thread: Sound bug.

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    Sound bug.


    1. The "buy item" sound can only be heard on the middle of the map.
    2. Same goes with the Buyback and revive sound.
    3. Can't hear in-game voice chat.

    Other games work fine. (CS:GO)

    Steps I have done:
    -Verified Game Cache.
    -Uninstall/reinstall my sound card drivers.
    -Restarted Steam and My PC
    -Microphone and Headset are the default devices.

    Thanks guys!

    Re-installed Dota, still bugged.
    Not sure if it's the main cause of the problem, but it might be the sound.cache that's causing this.
    Can I have someones copy so I can test?
    Fixed. I moved sound.cache and master.cache into a different folder, then Verified Game Cache.
    I also removed "-tools" on my launch options
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