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Thread: Juggernaut Ability Draft Spinning

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    Juggernaut Ability Draft Spinning

    Hello everyone,

    Im new to this forum and I dont know what people usually do when noticing a bug, but I wanted to do something so lets start with posting this message.

    Last night I was playing Juggernaut in Ability Draft, with Counter Helix (Axe), Battle Hunger (Axe), a ability of Anti-Mage which I forgot the name of, it increases magical resistance. And as ultimate I had Blink Strike (Riki). When I activated my Battle Hunger, Juggernaut started spinning like Blade Fury. But it didn't stop until I died. It was funny and annoying at the same time. So I would like Dota 2 to fix this bug please.

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    AD is so broken, there are probably dozens of things like this, but it's the joke/casual mode so it gets zero priority :C
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